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Applying for FiDiPro funding

Finnish universities and research institutes can apply for FiDiPro funding from the Academy of Finland or from Tekes. The funding allows research teams to invite international top researchers to work in Finland for 2–5 years. Tekes and the Academy of Finland follow their own application practices; more information is available in the application guidelines of each organisation.

If you are interested in becoming a FiDiPro Professor or a FiDiPro Fellow, please contact a Finnish university or a research institute.

FiDiPro Professor and FiDiPro Fellow

The FiDiPro programme provides applicants with two alternatives


FiDiPro Professor funding is intended for inviting international professor-level top researches to Finland. Applications for funding for FiDiPro Professors are submitted either to the Academy of Finland or to Tekes.


FiDiPro Fellow funding is intended for inviting international top researchers to Finland. Under the title FiDiPro Fellow, funding is granted to promising top researchers past their post doc stage. Researchers are required to have 3–4 years’ post doc experience after gaining their PhD. Applications for funding for FiDiPro Fellows are submitted to Tekes.

Application process and funding

The application process takes place at two stages. The projects invited to proceed to the second stage are selected on the basis of the letters of intent (short proposals). Applications for FiDiPro funding are always submitted by a Finnish university or research institute, not by the international top researcher him/herself.

Funding applications shall concern a research project. Funding may cover expenses such as salary and travel of the visiting top researcher and the costs of the reseach project.

Universities and research institutes are encouraged to collaborate with each other and with business and industry.