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FiDiPro - the Finland Distinguished Professor Programme

FiDiPro - the Finland Distinguished Professor Programme provides Finnish universities and research institutes with the opportunity to employ distinguished professor-level scientist from all around the world for a fixed term to carry out research and contribute to the advancement of scientific research.

FiDiPro Fellow funding is designed to talented and experienced international researchers past their postdoctoral stage.

Expatriate Finnish scientists who have long worked outside Finland are also eligible for FiDiPro programme.

Finnish universities and research institutes may propose FiDiPro Professors and FiDiPro Fellows from all disciplines.

FiDiPro is aimed at creating long-term international cooperation

FiDiPro programme offers competitive grants covering FiDiPro Professor's or FiDiPro Fellow's salary and travel expenses, research costs and related expenses of accompanying family members. FiDiPro professors may bring along a key member or key members of their own research team, whose expenses may also be partially covered.

Funding is awarded for a fixed term with a funding period of 2–5 years.

Both Tekes and the Academy of Finland provide funding for FiDiPro Professors. Only Tekes provides funding for FiDiPro Fellows.

Tekes and the Academy of Finland open calls on a regular basis. The application for funding shall always be made by a Finnish university or research institute and not by the international researcher personally.

Joining the programme

The Academy of Finland and Tekes open FiDiPro calls at regular intervals. Finnish universities and research institutes can propose FiDiPro projects in any field of research.

FiDiPro funding from the Academy of Finland

FiDiPro funding from Tekes

About FiDiPro

 FiDiPro-brochure 2012 "Teaming up with the best" (pdf)




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